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Watch Movies About Casino And Have A Pleasant Evening

Watch Movies About Casino And Have A Pleasant Evening Image

Everyone in our life want to be rich and successful. The fastest and the best way to do it, it is to be in the game. I mean not only at casino, I mean about being risky in the real life, in every moment, in every step, in every breath. And how wonderful that you can feel the whole atmosphere of excitement and money right at home, sitting on the couch, watching interesting films about gambling.The magnificent play of the actors, combined with a fascinating story, will delight even the most picky critic and you will feel like part of the whole casino system, worry about the main character and get a euphoria with him after winning the jackpot. Thanks to their peculiar philosophical outlook on life, they aroused the interest of many people. On our site, we selected the best films on this topic, so stock up on popcorn and welcome to the world of casinos.

To your attention TOP-10 films about gambling:
1. Casino
The film shows the life of the gangster Las Vegas in the 70s, when the gambling business takes over the mafia. Sam Rothstein (De Niro) is a former bookmaker, became a successful casino manager and fell in love with a call girl who brings only troubles to everyone. In addition, a former friend of Sam arrives in the city with the intention of completely destroying his lucky business.

2. The Gambler
The film is dedicated to the topic of gambling addiction. The main character is a successful writer and teacher – spends all nights at the gaming table. And the life of him changes very fast and dynamically.

3. Ocean’s Eleven
Danny Ocean, a seasoned and elegant thief (George Clooney), is released from prison in order to immediately get involved in a new adventure. He plans to carry out the most complex and large-scale robbery of the casino. Literally in one night, Ocean picks up a team of professionals and develops an ingenious plan.

4. Ocean’s Twelve
In the second part of the famous trilogy, the company of scammers again gathers to rob a casino. This time their group was replenished with new players who are going to pay a visit to three major European capitals.

5. Ocean’s Thirteen
In the final part of the cult trilogy, Ocean again gathers his team. The guys have to make the largest robbery in the history of the casino. Soderberg once again managed to make a dynamic movie, where the denouement comes at the very last moment.

6. Runner,Runner
In the film directed by Brad Furman, the world of online casinos was first covered. The main character Richie (Justin Timberlake) spends all night gambling online entertainment. He plays in order to pay for studies at a prestigious educational institution. After a major failure, Richie realizes that he is being deceived. He travels to Costa Rica to meet the top boss of online gambling.

7.The last casino
A teacher at one of the universities manages to create a system through which you can beat the casino. The professor teaches three smart students who successfully implement their idea. But then he deceives the students, because he has a large duty to the mafia.

8. Twenty one
This is probably the most famous blackjack movie. Ben is a young gifted mathematician who is trying to find money for training. Soon he falls into the team of “counters”, who, thanks to the ability to count cards and certain secret gestures, successfully rip off large Vegas casinos. Ben fulfills the money needed for training very quickly, but it was not so easy to exit the game.

9. Rounders
A young and promising lawyer, Mike (Matt Damon), had dreamed all his life of going to Las Vegas to play at the WSOP Main Event. He played poker well and made a living from it. But in the underground institutions of New York, they are used to playing by special rules.

10. Molly’s Game
The plot of the film is about the world-class skier Molly Bloom, who is seriously injured, as a result of which she moves to Los Angeles and becomes the queen of poker. This is one of those films where everyone constantly talks and this is great, because it is simply impossible to break away from what is happening.

We are absolutely sure that you will like these films. A casino is a whole world in which only courageous and adventurous people live. Be like them! So let luck always be with you, both in the casino and in life!

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