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CashtoCode – Trusted and Secure Online Payment Method for Australian Casino Players

CashtoCode is a fintech service that has been operating on the market ever since 2016. Thanks to its convenience, simplicity, and anonymity to some extent, this payment method has become popular among online gamblers. Just like the name suggests, with Cash2Code, you turn your money into a unique code that is then used for gambling. The process is fast and doesn’t involve sharing any personal details.

Are you considering using CashtoCode on your next iGaming adventures? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have the ultimate guide to using Cash to Code at gambling sites right here. Find all the Cash2Code benefits, drawbacks, best casinos, and more. We’ll also teach you how to use this casino payment method and answer all your FAQs about it.

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List of Our Recommended CashtoCode Australia Online Casinos in 2022

Our iGaming experts have ensured that our readers have all the best CashtoCode online casinos just a click away. Below, we list every gambling site that has met our strict ranking criteria. So, if you want a safe and trusted brand that works with Cash to Code, this is the best place to find it.

What Is CashtoCode?

As a payment method, Cash2Code is a service that lets consumers pay in cash through kiosks that work with this product. Payment Page and Gate are the services that support payments via Cash2Code. The method works in numerous countries worldwide, but it’s especially popular and used across Europe. It also supports various currencies, like the euro, the Russian ruble, and the US dollar.

To get their code, users must select this method from the list of available Australia online payment methods. Once you do that and select the payment amount, you’ll get your unique code which you can later pay at kiosks or, lately, online too. In this sense, CashtoCode is a novel and unique voucher payment system. This exciting concept has attracted many customers, resulting in over 160,000 points of sale throughout Europe alongside expansions in Australia and Africa.

Benefits of Using CashtoCode

Thanks to the benefits of Cash2Code, a range of iGaming sites have adopted this method. The best of them you can find on our ultimate Australia Online casinos list. However, if you’d like to discover the advantages of the deposit option, just scroll down.


  • Completely anonymous
  • Secure and safe
  • Instant processing
  • No transaction fees
  • Doesn’t restrict from claiming bonuses

CashtoCode Disadvantages for Australian players

Even though this service is excellent, it still comes with some drawbacks that casino players should keep in mind. Knowing what to expect – good and bad – will help you make an informed decision. Also, you will avoid any disappointments down the road.


  • Many geographical restrictions
  • Not possible to withdraw
  • You must leave your home
  • Not many casinos support it

How Does CashtoCode Work in Australia?

As a concept, this product may seem surprising. It actually sounds funny to get a unique code and then go somewhere to pay for it. Why would anyone do that when cards and e-wallets provide instant payments from the comfort of your home, right? Well, not everyone has these options and registering for an e-wallet still requires sharing personal and payment details.

With Cash2Code, there’s no registration needed at any point for Australian players because you pay with cash. It’s as simple as that. You get to keep your anonymity, and nobody will know what you used the money for. In times when even our phones are tracking everything we do, this privacy is highly appreciated.

If this is your first time learning of CashtoCode online casinos and you’d like to make such deposits, no worries. Below, we have listed step-by-step instructions on how to use the service. Follow them, and you’ll have no issues whatsoever to top up your online casino account.

  1. Visit a CashtoCode casino and select CashtoCode as a deposit method. Follow the next steps to create your unique barcode.

    Getting started is easy and fast. Our top-rated casinos have fast and simple registration procedures, and you can proceed to make a deposit right away. Visit the cashier, choose CashtoCode, add your deposit amount, and get your code.

  2. Show your barcode in your nearest CashtoCode store.

    Once you have your unique code with the payment amount on it, you can proceed to pay it. This is commonly done at the nearest point of sale. You can use the Cash to Code website to find such stores. The cashier will scan the code and charge you.

  3. Pay in cash your deposit amount, and it is instantly available in your casino account.

    Like the name of the service suggests, you can pay the amount in case. Hence, no cards or any sensitive info is ever shared. Just give the cash, and the money is already available for gambling.

CashtoCode and Australia Casino Bonuses

Players often wonder whether using specific deposit methods will get them Australia exclusive casino bonuses or prevent them from claiming any. When it comes to Cash to Code, neither seems to be true. Operators often have various welcome packages and other types of player perks that require payment first. None of these seem affected by your use of Cash2Code. However, there don’t seem to be any special bonus deals or promotions targeting users of this banking method either.

General Facts About CashtoCode in Australia

CashtoCode is a service owned and operated by Funanga Ltd. It was launched in 2016 and boasts over 10,000 users. In Europe, the service boasts over 160,000 selling points, while customers can also find it in other countries across the globe, including Australia, Russia, and Nigeria. India and Australia, additionally, are markets where customers get access to the popular Casht2Code eVoucher.

This novel concept lets users pay for a unique code with cash or online, without registrations or adding personal details. While the service hit the market in 2016, it’s important to note that the company behind it – Funanga Ltd – has been operating since 2013. It currently has offices in London and Berlin, making sense since Europe seems to be its primary market.

Some important milestones for Cash to Code include the expansion to Australia and the partnership with MiFinitity. It’s also interesting to note that MuchBetter’s co-founder Jens Bader has been appointed as Casht2Code’s CEO. During that time, the company’s profile was also boosted with Patrick Lebenbauer and Christian Machmeier; two established experts in their respective fields.

CashtoCode Australia Online Casino: Transaction Times and Fees Overview

Obviously, when making casino deposits, players seek two things – fast processing and low or no fees. In both these aspects, CashtoCode online casinos won’t disappoint.

Let’s first analyze the transaction times. Depending on whether you actually leave your home to go to a kiosk to pay or whether you choose an eVoucher, the process can be slow or fast. Casinos process the transactions instantly. Yet, we can’t ignore the fact that going to a physical store to pay for your code takes time. eVouchers are a different story, and with them, depositing takes a few minutes.

When it comes to fees, there aren’t any. This is excellent news as every casino user hates wasting their playing funds on processing fees. Getting the code is free, and paying for it costs nothing, as well. However, since you’ll be forced to use an alternative withdrawal method like bank transfer, you may have to deal with some cashout fees.

Verdict: Anonymous payment option in Australian online casinos

All in all, CashtoCode can be the perfect online casino banking option depending on what you look for. As we established, the service lets you stay anonymous, something that not many other payment methods allow. This is probably the most significant benefit, alongside the lack of any processing fees. Moreover, the existence of eVouchers that can be bought online has additionally improved the overall depositing experience with Cash2Code.

However, there are some negative aspects of using this service too. Sometimes, you’ll have to go and visit stores to make a deposit. Not everyone likes that. Plus, you won’t be able to cash out your winnings, which opens extra work. Finally, Cash to Code isn’t available everywhere globally, and not many casinos accept it. So, as long as these drawbacks aren’t deal-breakers for you, you will enjoy using this deposit method. Otherwise, you may be better off with some of its top alternatives listed below.

As simple as PaysafeCard and PayPal, but even better also for Australian players

Overall, CashtoCode is simple to use and anonymous. Thanks to these two key features, many consider it the better option of Paysafecard and PayPal. This casino payment method comes without any extra charges and lets you keep casino payments private. You won’t ever have to share your personal or financial details when using Cash2Code. And thanks to eVouchers, you won’t even have to leave your home to top up your casino account. The drawbacks can’t be ignored, of course. But, in this case, they can be forgiven as the benefits overshadow them easily.

Alternative CashtoCode Deposit Methods in Australia

There are many alternatives to this safe casino payment method. Depending on what you prefer, you could go for credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, or even other vouchers similar to CashtoCode. Below, we list some excellent options that are favored bѕ gamblers worldwide.

CashtoCode FAQ:

Where Australians can get a CashtoCode Voucher?

CashtoCode eVouchers can be bought online. Conisbee, Dundle, and OffGamers are several online platforms that offer this product. Alternatively, you can simply get your code as explained in this article and then pay it at physical sales points near you. For the second option, however, you must be in a country where the service is supported.

Where can I top up my CashtoCode Account in Australia?

You can pay your unique payment code at any of the points of sales locations in countries where the service is available. The company's official website offers interactive maps that will help you find the place closest to you within a few clicks. Lately, you can do so online at websites like Dundle or Conisbee.

Do all Australian online casinos accept CashtoCode deposits?

Not all online casino operators work with this casino payment method. In fact, Cash to Code is not that easy to find compared to options like Visa, Skrill, and Neteller. However, more and more online casinos add it as its popularity among players grows.

Is CashtoCode available for withdrawals in Australia?

Unfortunately, just like with PaysafeCard, players can't withdraw casino winnings via Cash2Code. Due to how this system works, it's impossible to cash out, at least for the time being. If you deposit using this banking method, you'll have to withdraw with an alternative one. Most commonly, gamblers go for bank transfers.

Is CashtoCode available in Australia?

No. This service isn't available in all countries in the world. However, it is supported in the top iGaming markets, which is good news for online gamblers. You can use it across Europe, Australia, and even Nigeria. Some of its most popular markets include the UK, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Greece.

Is it safe to deposit using CashtoCode for Australians?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Cash to Code. This method has been around for years, and there have never been any security-related issues with it. In fact, because you get the code first and don't provide any personal details, it's even safer compared to many other options.

Where can Australians use CashtoCode as well?

Besides online gambling, there are many other things and activities you can pay for with Cash2Code. Online sports betting is in a similar sector as iGaming. Other options include paying safely at online dating websites, filesharing services, and VPN providers.

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