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Various Types of Casino Games, which you can play

The casino industry booms: There is a lot to discover and it will keep you entertained for a very long time. Meanwhile, as your experience as a player grows, you can put your newly developed skills to your advantage in various types of casino games – the most popular of which we introduce to you on this page.

There are many advantages in playing casino online – gaining experience, winning money, having fun (to mention three) – and all you need to do in the first step is to set up comfortable conditions and devote your attention to the process, because it is mostly a matter of skills and less a question of luck.

When nobody distracts you, the chances to win are higher. We suggest that you read this article thoroughly as it gives you a good overview of the kind of games that are available. Each casino has a variety of games on their list which can be categorized in slots, table games, video poker and specialty games.

You should become informed about the different types. Our short descriptions will also help you to decide upon your favourite. Many casinos offer up to 100% bonus for the money that you deposit. This means that you have double the amount at your disposal and can test more games if you wish.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the most popular types of online gambling! Please note: Each game description has a link at the end that leads to page with more information about that game.





Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo





Online Pokies

Online Pokies



Video Poker

Video Poker

Types of Casino Games


Slots are the type of casino game that will keep you engaged. They are available in several variations. As soon as you insert a coin (or make your game) the machine makes its offering to you, the wheels will start to spin and then come to stop.

The outcome (winning or losing) depends on the pattern (combination of symbols) after the wheels have stopped. If you know the correct structure of slots, it’s easy to collect bonus points, thus improving the results and finally get paid.

Slot machines online work almost the same as slots in real life. The goal in both types is to achieve lines of matching symbols (for example three cherries in a row) to score prizes.

The diversity of online slots is mind-blowing: They range from classic three-reel slots (with two winning methods at most) all the way up to action-packed games with dozens of ways to earn bonuses like free spins or picking rounds.

Slots do not require much strategizing. Nevertheless, they will get your adrenaline pumping. If you are the type of person that needs loves thrilling action, then slots are probably the first choice for you.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. Its rules of roulette are quite easy to understand. Some knowledge in probability theory can be useful to master it. So why not giving a try? The winning opportunities are huge.

It comes in different variations, but the basic rules are the same: The players lay their chips on the table. When all chips are placed, the dealer will spin the wheel and roll a ball.

The ball will fall in a certain slot on the wheel – and if you have placed your bet on a colour, row, column, square or number that corresponds to that slot, you have won!

For some players it’s enough to relax, have fun, however, it’s also possible to grow a €/$10 starting to €/$320 in just under a minute – not to mention what happens during a streak of just five wins…

If you have a closer look at the table layout, you’ll notice that the main section is numbered from 0 to 36. There are also sectors for betting on groups like red or black, odd or even, 1–18, 19–36, columns and dozens.

Bets placed on the numbers are called inside bets and bets placed on groups are called outside bets.


The rules of a blackjack are easy to understand. Its variants depend on the casino in which you play it. One example of such a rule: the number of decks can vary between 1 and 4, depending on the casino.

Blackjack is one type of casino game that involves skills. The above mentioned variations based on the casino impact the actions a player can take in some occasions, but they do not alter the way this popular casino game is played.

The most popular types are Vegas Strip Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, and European Blackjack.

The rules are pretty simple: You play against the dealer and receive a number of cards. Whoever gets closest to 21 (without exceeding this number) has won.

You are first dealt two cards and can request “stand” – meaning that you will be given no more card (playing only with the ones you’ve been dealt already) – or “hit” which means that you will be given one more card.

Remember: You have to be careful. If the extra card exceeds 21 you “go bust” – meaning that you lose.


Baccarat, by contrast, is played by several players. The game has three options: player, banker, and tie. The players place their cards. Next the dealer is taking out two cards: If the sum is 10, this is equal to 0 and called “baccarat”.

In cases where the winning hand is higher than 2, every player who has placed a corresponding bet has won. Face cards are worth 0, for example a queen and 5 equals 5.

Baccarat was popular among noble and wealthy people in earlier times. Today everyone can play it – even for small amounts of money. This plus the fact that the rules are so simple has made it even more popular.

When the cards have been dealt, you can either bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. The player who has 9 (or is closest to this number without exceeding it) has won.

Video Poker

This type of casino game is played on machines that look similar to slots. Some variants even offer multi-hand video poker rounds. The most popular types are “Deuces Wild” and “Jacks or Better”. Some variants are only available in specific casinos.

Video poker games are quite easy to play: The aim (as with all poker games) is to make the best possible five-card hand by combining cards you start with and cards you trade with.

The best combination (winning against all others) is the “Royal Flush”. Players that employ good tactics and follow a clear strategy (including risk management) beat the house and double their stack in the long run.

Are you one of them? No? Then maybe the next game is for you.


Craps is similar to an active kind of sport. On an enormous table with up to seven players, you’ll find many places to bet. The “Pass Line” is the main object in a game. The opposite, a “Don’t Pass Line” exists as well (it contains the losing numbers).

If you are the kind of person that enjoys to train your brain a bit, thus spending time in a useful manner, then this type of casino game is probably the right choice.

Games with a dice are among the first games ever played, and craps is the most modern form of a dice game. You place your bets on the craps table by choosing between different outcomes.

“Come out roll” means that you bet on either the online casino or the shooter to win. The shooter rolls the dice and either wins or loses. After you’ve watched the game for a while, you will quickly get accustomed to the rules.


Keno is among the types of instant-win games. Everyone can play, it doesn’t require special knowledge – the perfect choice for players that just want to begin with something.

First you choose a slot of digits, then you match that digits you draw. 80 numbers are available in this popular lottery game (from which you select 20). Then the game starts and numbers are announced.

The more of the announced numbers match with the numbers you have selected at the beginning, the higher the payout will be. Sounds easy? That’s because it is.


Another instant-win game is bingo. It helps you train your brain – and your voice will get some practice too, because you should shout “Bingo”, when numbers on your card match with randomly selected numbers.

If you got a certain pattern (usually a straight line), you show it to the dealer, and when approved, a new round will start.

Two reasons why bingo is so popular all over the planet (and maybe beyond): it can be played by players of all ages and the rules are so easy. All you have to do is to listen to the dealer calling the next number and cross it off the card in front of you.

It’s the quick way of how to play this game that makes it so popular. Online bingo is played by crossing off the numbers too. As game starts as soon as the first number is announced. If this number is on your list, it will be crossed off automatically.

Congratulations, you’ve just played online bingo!


This was just a small overview of some of the most popular and types of casino games. It is this diversity that makes playing online so interesting for beginners and advanced players as well. And you can almost be certain, that in this very moment other types of online gambling are just invented somewhere.

When will you embark on this adventure?

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