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Buzz Bingo Game At Online Casinos Australia

Process of playing

When you got your scorecard and game began, you are waiting, when the caller read a letter-number combination. The caller takes out a letter-number combination by accident, never look at it, just read it out. He calls out the combination a few times to give a possibility to everyone to hear it. For example, it can look like “B-8”. In case you are playing a Bingo game not with numbers, but with words or pictures – you wait till the caller describes the picture to all participants or pronounce the word.

After you heard a number, take a chip and place it fast on your scorecard, if you have such a combination there. Every time, when the caller reads a letter-number combination, check if you have the called couple. If you see it in your scorecard – put the chip in a certain square.

It means, that when the caller pronounce a certain couple of letter-number, like “O-35”, you have to search the number 35 in the column with a word “O” on your scorecard. Use a chip to point that square.

If you didn`t find such combination – do nothing, just wait for another combination. Game continues till someone points a 5 squares in a row on their scorecard. The caller continues to call out different combinations and players continue to put chips on their scorecards.

A player becomes a winner if he gets 5 covered squares in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row.

There are no complicated amounts of letter-number combinations that should be read, as the caller will keep choosing new combinations till someone wins.

The time of the game can be different, as it depends on how fast somebody gets 5 chips.

When you got 5 covered squares in a row, just shout “Bingo” as loud as it possible! Everyone will hear it and know that game is over. Caller will stop the game. If few players shout “Bingo” after the same combination, all of them win.

Every new game begins with a clear scorecard. After the game is finished all letter-number combinations should be mixed to be prepared to a next game.

Buzz Bingo etiquette:

There are no even two the same establishments, where Bingo is played the same way, but exist common rules, that are explained above.

Different casinos have different requirements for their visitors, but most of them don’t allow to play to people who are not 18 years old.

Also, casinos have strict rules about cheaters – if you cheat, they have all rights to ask you to go out and never come there again. Online sites have their own rules too.

There are some unwritten rules of the game which will help you to feel more comfortable playing Bingo and to keep friendly contact with other players.

A good idea is not to talk, keep silent when you are playing, you can bother other participants with pronouncing numbers aloud or with creating additional noise. Some people cannot concentrate when it is noisy around.

Also, you have watch out to find a licky sit to you. Professional players believe in superstitions and always use the same sitting place.

Don’t show your frustration about what a caller says and never try to send his anger on him. Keep your emotions.

Think good before call “Bingo”, as if this is a fake bingo, you will do bad with other players and create a tension between people you are playing with.

Understand this is not a game just about win, even if you lose, you get a new experience, you communicate with other people and learn something new. Lucky moments will happen to you, be sure. More attempts – more chances to win!

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