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Using Trustly As An USA Online Casino Payment Method

When playing at online casinos, keeping your money safe is, of course, of utmost importance. Most players also prefer quick deposits and withdrawals so that they can start playing right away. With the payment method Trustly, you get all this and more. Instant deposits and withdrawals from and to your bank account are all handled in a safe manner. It’s easy to use this payment method for gambling – all you need to do is sign up to a Trustly Casino.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Trustly and Trustly casinos. We will cover the basics of what Trustly is, how it can be used at online casinos, and common questions related to the topic. Of course, we also have some recommendations of the very best online casinos where you can sign up and make use of this method right away.

Top Trustly USA Casinos 2022

We constantly check out new casino releases and review online casinos from all over the world to find the very best options out there. Here we have listed some of the top online casinos that currently accept Trustly as a payment method.

What is Trustly?

Before diving into the world of Trustly casinos, let’s first look at what Trustly actually is.

Trustly is an open banking payment method using account-to-account technology. With this payment method, customers can make instant payments from their bank account. There are no card details nor any app needed.

The fintech company Trustly Group was founded in Sweden in 2008. Today, the banking method is used all over the world and by many large corporations. PayPal, TransferWise, Facebook, and Alibaba are just a few examples of companies that Trustly provide their services to.

While Trustly might have started out in the e-commerce sector, the easy and accessible payment method quickly made its way into online casinos. Trustly is the perfect payment solution for players who don’t want to create additional accounts for e-wallets. And with “Trust” included in the name, players can rest assured that all transactions are kept safe. In the end, Trustly helps move your money from one account to another, but they don’t hold your money in an electronic wallet like so many other payment providers do.

What is a Trustly Casino?

With the growing popularity of Trustly as an online casino payment method, the idea of “Trustly casinos” started popping up. It might sound like the payment method has created their own online casinos, but that is not the case at all. Trustly Casino is simply a term used for any online casino that accepts this payment method for deposits and withdrawals.

When signing up to USA new online casino sites, it is very easy to check if they accept Trustly or not. Most casinos will list the logos of their payment providers in the footer of the website. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and see what you find. In addition, most casinos will have a dedicated page or FAQ answer where they list all available payment methods.

If you cannot find the information on which payment methods an online casino offers, you can always reach out to their customer support for guidance. But we have also made it even easier for you as we list some of the very best Trustly online casino options in this guide.

Pros and cons of using Trustly as an online casino payment method

Trustly is just one of many payment options offered at online casinos. So why should you choose this method? Let’s list some of the main benefits of Trustly, and you can see if it ticks your checkboxes.


  • Convenience – no additional account or app needed
  • Speed – Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Security – Safe transactions directly from your bank


  • Transaction fees might be added
  • Not all casinos offer this payment method
  • Trustly is not available in all countries
  1. Convenience

    One of the main selling points of Trustly is how quick and easy it is to use this payment method. With e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, you have to create an account first. With other payment methods, you sometimes have to download an app. But with Trustly, you don’t need to worry about anything of the sort. Trustly deposits money directly from and to your bank account. The payment solution works as a facilitator that moves the money from one account to the next.

  2. Speed

    When there is no need for registration, downloading, or verification, the process goes smoother and quicker. Therefore, the second significant benefit of Trustly is the speed of deposits and withdrawals.

    When you make a deposit using Trustly, the money will be sent in real-time and end up in your player account right away. In other words, you can start playing right after making your deposit.

    Once you are ready to cash out your winnings, withdrawals are also handled instantly. As long as the casino has approved everything from their end, Trustly will provide a live cash-out experience. Anyone looking for fast payout USA casino sites should therefore opt for a Trustly casino.

  3. Security

    Convenience and speed are all well and good, but security is always key when it comes to money. Luckily, players don’t have anything to worry about here either. Trustly literally has the word trust in the name, so of course, they have to live up to that statement.

    What’s important and good to remember is that Trustly is not an e-wallet that stores your money. Your money is taken from and deposited into your bank account, and Trustly is just the facilitator of that transaction.

    Trustly as a payment institution is authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, holds a European PSP license, and uses two-factor authentication.

    The success and users of Trustly speak for themselves. Big-name companies such as Facebook, eBay, AT&T, and eToro would not use a solution that could not be trusted. Nor would PayPal and Transferwise. Trustly is used worldwide – and will continue to grow – thanks to its stellar technology and reputation.

Are there any drawbacks to this payment method?

As a company, Trustly has to make money. One way they do this is by charging transaction fees. This means that when a transaction is made with an online casino, Trustly will charge a percentage of that transaction.

In most cases, casinos cover this charge without adding any charge to the player’s deposit or withdrawal. But some online casinos will add a charge to the player, too, to cover their fees. Therefore, you should double-check the details and terms of Trustly transactions before choosing this payment method at a casino. If you see that charges will be added, might we suggest you try another Trustly online casino from our recommended USA online casinos list?

Other than the possible transaction fee, we really can’t think of many other drawbacks. The only thing to know is that not all casinos will offer this payment method and that Trustly is not available in all countries.

How to deposit money with Trustly in USA

If you like the sound of Trustly and want to use it as your preferred payment method, the following steps are really easy. First, let’s look at how you can deposit money with casino Trustly.

  1. Find a Trustly casino

    Check out the recommended Trustly casinos further up in this guide. You can read our reviews to find your preferred Trustly casino.

  2. Sign up and create your account

    Once you have found which casino to sign up to, simply click on any of the buttons or links that will lead you to the registration process. Fill in your details and also check if there is any welcome bonus available.

  3. Head to the Cashier or payments page

    From your account, you will need to head to the page where you can make your deposit. This is usually called Cashier or simply Deposit from your profile or menu.

  4. Click to make a new deposit.

    Choose your action: that you wish to make a deposit

  5. Choose Trustly as your payment method and add the deposit amount.

    Some casinos will ask you to specify the amount first, while others ask for the payment method. You will need to choose Trustly from the available options and type in the amount you wish to cash in.

  6. Complete the verification

    Since you chose Trustly as your payment method, you will get a popup on the screen where you can log in to your bank or add your bank details.

Once the payment is confirmed via Trustly and your bank account, your bankroll will be instantly deposited. Then it’s just time to start playing!

How to withdraw money with Trustly in USA

Once you have played through your deposit(s) and you are ready to cash out your winnings, the withdrawal process is just as quick and easy.

  1. Head to the Cashier or payments page

    To request a withdrawal, you need to go back to the cashier or payments page from your account.

  2. Click to request a withdrawal.

    This time, you are going to request a withdrawal or cashout instead of a deposit. Most online casinos will automatically cash out the money to the same payment method you used for your last deposit, so you usually won’t have to specify this for withdrawals. Just make sure that any wagering requirements or other terms are fulfilled before you request a withdrawal.

  3. Add your withdrawal amount

    Type in the amount you wish to withdraw – and make sure that this is available in your bankroll.

  4. Complete the verification

    You’ll get linked back to Trustly to confirm your request to your bank account. The casino will generally have to check and process the withdrawal request, but once that is done, Trustly will send the money your way right away.

Online casino Trustly bonuses

If you don’t care too much about the different payment methods but rather want the best USA online casino bonuses, we recommend that you check out a Trustly casino. That is because deposits made with Trustly are most often eligible for bonuses.

While some USA online casino payment options, such as Skrill and Neteller, are often excluded from bonuses, that is not the case with Trustly. This means that as long as your preferred casino offers Trustly, you can make your deposit with this payment method to receive your bonus.

As a new player at a casino, you will usually be offered a welcome bonus. Sometimes you need to opt-in for or add a bonus code to get the bonus, so make sure to check this before making your deposit. Most casinos will double your first deposit, and you might get a nice amount of free spins to kickstart your casino adventure.

Check out our casino reviews to find out more about the different bonuses offered to our readers.

Pay N Play in USA casinos

As Trustly became more popular within the iGaming sector, the payment provider decided to launch a new service: Pay N Play. This makes the process of casino deposits and withdrawals even quicker as there is no registration needed. In other words, it’s a feature to offer USA no account casinos.

Pay N Play casinos are online casinos where players can make a deposit right away without first registering a casino account. How it works is that Trustly links the deposits and withdrawals directly with a player’s bank account and BankID, so there is no further verification needed. This makes the process even smoother and quicker while ensuring security through a personal BankID confirmation.

The major drawback with this casino payment solution is that, for now, it is only available to a limited number of countries. Currently, it is available for players from Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. In addition, some casinos accept players from Estonia and the Netherlands.

Hopefully, this way of paying and playing at casinos will be available to more countries in the future. Until then, players can make use of regular deposits and withdrawals via Trustly.

Final thoughts on Trustly as a USA casino payment method

Trustly is an easy and safe payment method that connects your bank account to your casino account without the need for any registration or app. The payment solution is trusted all over the world and comes with a lot of benefits. If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to deposit and withdraw money directly from your bank account, Trustly is a safe bet. And if you happen to have a BankID from any of the countries that support Pay N Play, your casino experience just got even simpler.

All in all, we at AllOnlineCasinosList would definitely recommend you to play at a Trustly casino!

Trustly USA Casino FAQ

In this guide, we have covered a lot of information on online casino Trustly payments. If anything is still unclear or you want more information, check out our other guides and reviews or reach out! To round off, we’ll look at and answer some commonly asked questions.

What is Trustly?

Trustly is a Swedish fintech company that offers an open banking payment method using account-to-account technology. Trustly acts like a "middleman" to quickly make online payments from or to your personal bank account.

Can I use Trustly as an online casino payment method in USA?

Yes! Trustly can be used for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, linking directly with your bank account.

Can I get bonuses from a Trustly casino?

Yes! Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players and other bonuses and promotions. In most cases, you can get these bonuses by depositing with Trustly. Just make sure to always read the terms and conditions before opting in for a bonus.

Is Trustly available in USA?

Yes! Trustly is available for users in the United Kingdom, most of Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Is Pay N Play available in USA?

No. The solution of playing at online casinos directly via Trustly – without having to register an online casino account – is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany. Some operators also accept players from Estonia and the Netherlands, and hopefully, more countries will be added soon.

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