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July 15, 2021

How to Get More Casino Comp Points?

For many people playing online casinos is one of the favorite entertainments. There are so many casinos nowadays that each casino should find their way to promote and motivate the customers, not only new ones but also experienced users. What can be more motivating than rewards? If you choose between casino with rewards and without, no wonder, the choice will be definitely for casino with extra comps. The more you play, the more you get. This rule is simply making visitors happy while using the service.

Casino Comp Points! What are they? How do they work and why they can be useful for players?

At first, we can find out the definition. Comp means complementary and this term is used as a kind of reward when someone plays at a casino. You simply play, you spin and the casino gives back some comp points that can be converted into cash or other services. That depends on the casino. It can be any kind of reward that is possible to use in the future. Sometimes it is not important to be a high roller to earn extra points as visitor automatically joined the loyalty program.

So what is the same and what is different between casino comps of several types of casinos? Of course, the best way to know is to learn more about casinos’ terms and conditions. Their rewards program is not always the same. Obviously not even every casino provides comp points. But the general aim of comps is mostly the same. It is kind of benefit for players.

Loyalty points are the same as comp points. Some casinos can use this term. Moreover, other casinos can use other terms for the same concept. There is also a way to personalize the term and match it with a name of the casino, but anyway the reason why such comp points are used is the same.

Every time when player start using casino, find some time to learn more information about it, especially about its loyalty system. At first the information about rewards program can be missed, so be ready to check whether they have such program or not.

The next step is to earn comp points. What should players do?

The main thing that players should know is that it is possible to claim comp points only playing for real money. You can not earn comp points if you are playing for free. So all the players will be required to spin or bet with real money.

Wondering how to calculate casino comps, it’s better to realize that every casino has its own rules, reward program and loyalty system. The exact value differs from time to time depending on casino that is played. As an example, we can imagine the player who claim 1 comp point for every $20 wagered, but some casinos will propose 1 comp point for every $50 wagered. If you are that type of person who enjoys collecting extra points, be ready to learn the rules of casinos’ loyalty programs, that can be different, as you can see. Nobody definitely will like the situation when expecting to get hundreds of points in fact you get hardly any of them.

So what to do first having a desire to be successful in getting comp points? Start with reading about the rules, that are always in terms and conditions of casinos' rewards and loyalty programs. It is a must for casinos to display them.

The number of comp points can be also different because of restrictions. Try to check if the casino has any restrictions on games that can be played to earn comp points. There can be different rates with playing different games.

Now when you know more about the loyalty programs, let’s check how to exchange the earned comp points.

Comp points are literally the bonus that motivates to play more. Even after playing a hard session without winning, when users definitely feel bummed, you are going to use the second chance and it will be better to know that you will get extra points as a bonus.

As soon as the definite number of comp points is reached, players are able to convert them into cash.

So every time users play in real cash, extra points are added in account, and they can exchange them after. What you can get as a reward? Cash, casino spins, deposit bonuses, merchandise or avatars. As it was mentioned, it depends on casino rules.

Use casino comps Calculator!

There are different types of casino comp calculators that can help to calculate expected casino comp points, according to the score of the game, bets and time. What you need is just check the title of the game, the average bet amount and hours per game. Next step is that user will find out how the casino promotes customers.

As you already know, every casino can exchange the comp points for various products and services. But the best form of exchange could be definitely cash bonus. Cash credited to the account with no wagering. You just give the casino back the points, and they will exchange them for cash. Or whichever reward have been chosen. Don’t forget that casinos have rules for everything according their terms and conditions. Make sure that the rules were quite clear before making exchange. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the reward, you have worked hard for it!

Are there any casino comps secrets?

There are few secrets to share with customers. The most important is to remember the rule “you should never be betting more than you can afford to lose”. Be responsible and feel safe. Comp points aren’t worth if you can not afford to spend the money.

As well as the more you wager the more comp points you earn. It is reasonable to earn comp points as a bonus after playing. In case if nothing keeps you from playing, extra comp points are the benefit during the game.