Keno Game At Online Casinos

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Keno is a popular game of chance. It proposes different ways to play and several ways to get the prize. Some people say that it is one of the most underrated games. If you are into lottery, if you like Bingo, so you’d better try Keno as you would not risk too much.

What are the rules?

Keno has Chinese roots and originally it had 80 Chinese characters that were replaced by 80 Arabic numbers later. There is a card or a table of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. The players should choose from 1 to 10. There is a variety of games with different rules and different process of wagers and withdrawings. So it’s better to learn more about specific type that you are going to play before wagering.

In a traditional Keno version, you need to get so called keno card or ticket, where 80 numbers indicated. Then you have to pick up some and mark them. Each selected number is called keno spot. According to the type of the game, you are allowed to select from 1 to 10. Some types allow choosing up to 20 spots. In general, the cost of ticket does not depend on how many spots you choose, but your chances to get the payout do.

In a modern version of Keno online you can miss the step of choosing the spots and allow the computer system to pick them up for you. You never can predict if you win or not, because the result will be chosen randomly. When you play online, the games can be different by their design, but no matter what platform you prefer, the basic rules are always the same. Remember not to deposit more than you are willing to lose. Keep calm and play reasonably.

How to make bets?

Straight ticket: when you bet the spots marked as a single wager, it’s the simplest way to play. However, many players like betting more combinations.

The “way” ticket: the players make simple combination, it is getting a little complicated. You select six numbers, then circle two groups of three. On your ticket side you should indicate “2⁄3” and “1⁄6”, that will cost you $3, $1 per each combination of two three-spot group and on the six-spot group.

Combination ticket: the spots should be grouped in combinations. For example, you could make the groups of two-spot, three-spot and four-spot, which can be also regrouped in combinations of a five-spot (3 and 2), a six-spot (2 and 4), a seven-spot (3 and 4) and finally a nine-spot (all the numbers). Indicate on the side of your ticket what combinations you want to play.

King ticket: you circle one spot by itself, that will be called “king”. It could be used in other combinations as well. For example, you chose other combinations like “2/3” or “1/7”, then add the king to all combinations and get “2/4” and “2/7”. The king joined each group of three and is added to the total.

What influence on your chances to get the prize?

Choose how much you want to bet, determine how much money you want to put down on the selected spots. More you bet, more you get.

Choose the quantity, how many games in a row you are going to play. Play more, win more.

Choose the multiplier option if you want to get a chance to multiply your prize by up to 10 times. How does it work? The multiplier increases the cost, but also multiply any prize that you get. You can use the multiplier before you start playing.

How to know the results?

The results are displayed at the end of each game. Traditionally the winning balls are selected by the Keno machine. The balls are numbered, they are put into a circular transparent aerated box where they spin around until machine stops and draws randomly the winning balls. Modern machines do not use balls, but generate results by computer software.

Check if the numbers that you have picked up on your ticket match the winning ones. If they match — you won. The amount of your payout depends on how many positions were matched, how much you wagered and how big was the multiplier.

In Keno the number sequence doesn’t matter, it’s random and players could not influence on the process. Even though, some players create their own style of playing. For example, they can bet on their favorites or lucky numbers. Some players believe that they will be lucky if they bet on either cold or hot numbers. “Cold” are those, that did not come up recently. In the contrary, “hot” are those, that came up frequently or recently.

You have many ways to win! Playing is fun, test your luck!